Globe Unli Text To All Networks 2 days, 30 minutes Call For P15 Only Promo

This Globe promos is actually not being popularized by Globe, maybe due to its very cheap price. Well, anyway I've tested this promo on my Globe number and amazingly it worked. Spending Php15.00 for 2 days unlimited text to all networks is the best promo there is plus the 30 minutes call to TM/Globe subscribers and free Facebook offered to all Globe and TM users.
The promo is called GoALL15, all its features and almost alike with GoALL20 but of course cheaper by P5. To tell you the truth, this promo doesn't have any banner or some sorts, well maybe in my opinion, this promo will be launch later on but due to some leak or whatever promotion they are planning, subscribers can now register to this promo even without Globe's official announcement.

GoALL15 promos still doesn't have any promo code to be text to 8888, instead we will use the call function of your phone.
  • To register: Dial *143*1*4#
  • Amount: P15.00
  • Validity: 2 days
  • Benefits: 2 days unli text to all networks, 30 minutes call, and free FB
Note: This promo might not work in all areas, and can only be availed by certain Globe SIM, probably the new ones. (Source: Globe Telecom)


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